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How long is a shampoo good for?

Hair products also have an expiration date.


Lifespan of hair products

You probably do not really expect it immediately, but on hair products there is often an expiration date. Search and you will also find it on your shampoo, hairspray or hair dye.

When a hair product lasts for less than 2,5 year, this must be described on the packaging. So when a product lasts longer than 2,5 years you will not find a date on the packaging. The expiration date could be found on the packaging by means of symbols.

Meaning symbols

The opened jars could be found on the packaging of your hair products. This symbol tells how long the product keeps its quality after it is opened. Does 6M stand on your jar? This will say that the product could be used for 6 months after opening. The manufacturer of the product guarantees the quality of the products for these months. After these months the manufacturer does not guarantee the quality anymore. This does not mean that the product has become bad, but pay some extra attention.

Storing unopened products

Now we know when an opened product expires, we also want to know the expiration date of an unopened product. No specific answer could be given to this however. An unopened product could be stored for more than 2,5 years. However, this depends a lot on the packaging method, the different types of ingredients and the preservatives.

It is known that when it regards biological products, these do not contain preservations and are shorter in lifespan. By only using natural ingredients, these products could be stored for a shorter amount of time. Also when a shampoo has a smaller amount of parabens, it’s lifespan is shorter than a shampoo with a larger amount of parabens.