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What is nail art?

With nail art you make your nails more beautiful by decorating them. Therefore it is also called nail decoration.

Decorating your nails with nail art could be done with nail polish, glitters, stones or stickers. With nail art you could completely personalise your nails as you wish. You can apply nail art on your own nails, or on art nails. You can combine it with nail polish, gel nail polish or acryl. That is of course very nice for a special occasion such as a (theme)party, wedding or the holidays. With nail art you have a lot of opportunities. On Google and Pinterest you could get a lot of inspiration regarding nail art. You could get to work with nail art yourself or get it done by a professional nail stylist.

Nail art inspiration



Products for nail art

Which products you need for nail art completely depends on the wishes you have. Products which you could need for nail art are:

Striping pencil or nail art pen

With a striping pencil or nail art pen you could easily make lines, drawings or patterns on the nails. Because of the fine hairs of a striping pencil or nail art pen you could work precisely.

Glitters, stickers or strass

Decorate your nails as you wish with glitters, stickers or strass. A sticker is easy to apply. With a sticker you quickly and easily have a good-looking result. Glitters or strass could be a bit more difficult to apply. For this you could use a pencil.

Nail art foil

With nail art foil you apply the same print on every nail. You apply nail art foil over the nail with foil glue. Press the foil softly on the nail. Then remove them. Then finish with a topcoat.

Nail tips

Do you want to apply nail art on long nails, but do you not have them yourself? Then you could apply nail tips. With a nail tip you could make the nail longer. In this way you have more space for your beautiful nail art.

Nail glue

With nail glue you attach your nail tips and artificial nails. Choose a good nail glue, in this way your artificial nails will stay longer.

Nail art inspiration