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What is Korean Skincare?

K-Beauty also called Korean Beauty or Korean Skincare slowly takes over the entire beauty world. K-beauty stands for all cosmetics from Korea. The products and care method is very innovative and should be the secret for a beautifully glowing.


Korean Skincare Philosophy

Unlike the west, where we only get in action when the first signs of ageing are already visible, Koreans already invest in a good skin care on a young age. Their philosophy is that you almost do not need makeup with a good skincare.


Innovative ingredients

Korea is precursor in the world of skin care and her new innovative developments. Korean Skincare is developed further than skin care products in the West. Because of the large offer and the competition, there is much pressure on skin care companies. Every Korean skin care brand wants to get the best products on the market.

The advantages of Korean Skincare

Innovative products

Korean skincare companies invest a lot of time and money in developing new products. The large brands often have an own laboratory where they develop new effective skin care.


Cheaper skin care products are often associated with worse quality, but this is not the case for K-beauty products. Because of the large offer and the competition, the prices of Korean skincare are lower that in Western skincare brands.


In the West we start with treating our skin when the problems arise. The mentality in the Korean skincare industry is with preventing skin problems. Preventing is easier and better than healing.


The Korean skincare routine, which has 10 steps, asks for a lot of time. This time is not seen as a boring routine but a real moment for yourself to look out to. The products are easy to use, often have a pleasant texture and a fun packaging.

Natural ingredients

In Korean skincare, many natural ingredients are used which you would not quickly see in other skin care products. Snail slime is an example of this, this reduces scars and pigmentation. These advantageous effects were discovered in Korea and snail slime is used in many care products since then.

Soft formulas

Because Korean skin care products contain many effective natural ingredients, there are less hard chemicals in it which are used in other skin care products. Because of this, K-beauty products are very suitable for people with a sensitive skin.

Deep treatment

The Korean philosophy assumes natural beauty and the base of that is with a good-looking skin. To get and maintain an equal skin, it should be nourished and care up to the deepest layers. K-beauty products are developed in a way that they offer an intense hydration up to deep in the skin, with as result a visible healthier skin.

Specific aims

Western beauty products sometimes combine different steps to short your skin care routine. (with this you could think about a BB-cream with SPF) As mentioned before, the Korean skin care routine consists of 10 steps. The advantages of the use of many different products is that they are developed to battle a specific problem. This ensures for a larger effectivity of the products and finally a better result for your skin.