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BABOR has various series of beauty products with a different series for every skin type. DOCTOR BABOR is ideal for taking care of complicated skin. The series are created with the help of skilled beauty specialists, to meet the needs of the skin. The well-known CLEANSING series with HY-ÖL deeply cleanses oily, combination and dry skin. The SKINOVAGE series has just one purpose; rejuvenating face care for all skin types! BABOR SPA is the next level of body care with products that hydrate intensively and make skin firm.

BABOR is also very engaged with the environment. Its Green Agenda has three priorities; reducing CO2, sustainable packaging and clean ingredients.

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Babor started in 1956 with a black rose, the symbol of beauty. Babor fulfils the longing for individual beauty and expands boundaries of skin care research. The ingredients used in the products by Babor are perfectly tailored to its methods. The products provide exceptional results for some luxurious pampering. Babor is the pioneer of professional skin care, its diverse product series provide nourishing products for every skin type. Let’s highlight a few of them.

Doctor Babor

The products by Doctor Babor provide a precise solution for all beauty needs. With high performance formulas and carefully selected ingredients DOCTOR BABOR moves the boundaries of cosmeceuticals. The precisely concentrated ingredients nourish the skin in an intensive and remarkable way. Allowing you to be a skin expert at home.

Babor HSR

The products by HSR take lifting and anti-ageing to the highest level. A luxurious anti-wrinkle treatment for skin which needs regeneration. The products fight the three most important causes of wrinkles: loss of substance and elasticity, the slowdown of the metabolic functions of connective tissue and hardening of the dermal matrix. Five very active and perfectly combined ingredients extensively work against various wrinkles and the loss of skin’s elasticity. The HSR products make skin  firmer immediately for an optically smoother, more elastic and youthful tint.


Reversive by Babor is the evolution of anti-ageing combined with the Re-Youth Complex which maintains your skin’s individual beauty and optically removes any small imperfections. The products have and immediate and visibly smoothing effect, made with modern high-performance active ingredients which keep cells young, activating the skin and making it radiant. Simultaneously increases the stress resistance of cells, reducing redness, discolorations and impurities. For skin that looks firmer, smoother, more even and has a youthful, fresh glow.

Babor Spa

Babor Spa is a luxurious and nourishing body series. The products unite exceptional, daring fragrance with unprecedented caressing textures and exclusive ingredients from plant-based stem cell extracts. Go for a sensational body feeling and perfect anti-ageing performance. Bring the luxury of a spa to your own home.

Babor products at BeautyPlaza

BeautyPlaza has a wide variety of Babor products. Whether you are looking for a luxurious shampoo or hair oil, we have it all. Orders placed before 17:00 leave our warehouse the same day.