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Guerlain Paris, the House founded in Paris in 1828 by Pierre-Francois Pascal Gueralin. A story of creative courage and passing on of talent and expertise. Thierry Wasser, Perfumer of the House, now embodies the fifth generation of Guerlain perfumers. Guerlain Paris is not only a traditional brand in the perfumery, it is also a frontrunner in skin care and make-up. Guerlain is a legendary brand with the emphasis on pure beauty as characteristic. Thanks to its innovative spirit and research Guerlain is a leader in the use of synthetic and natural ingredients in hair products. Read more


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The nature is already since 1828 our inspiration and already for 15 years we put the maintenance of it central in our work.

Dedicated to the maintenance of this priceless heritage, the house of Guerlain commits to passing through its miracles to future generation with the Bee as its sentry.

In 2007 this ground-breaking commitment formalised in the Name of Beauty. Guided by the Bee, the historic symbol, Guerlain takes action over the entire world to maintain the biodiversity, innovate sustainably, act for the climate and create a positive social impact.

For the fifteenth anniversary of the commitment “In the Name of Beauty” the confident and future-oriented House confirms its determination to get the noble alliance of luxury and sustainable development to higher levels.



Guerlain travels the world, through the seasons, searching for valuable materials which embody the House: Rose, Iris, Vanilla, Tonka bean, Bergamot and Jasmine. The Perfumer is responsible for the olfactory creations for almost 2 centuries.

Guerlain perfumer has made the nicest perfume creations. Guerlain produces in France and embodies a rare expertise for almost 2 centuries. During this time Guerlain Perfumer discovers, perfects and surprises with the same bold slant. The luxurious scents from Guerlain are highly varied, there is a perfect scent for anyone in the product range. At Beauty Plaza you can buy all Guerlain Eau de Parfum and Guerlain Eau de Toilette on a discount.

  • The Guerlain Eau de Cologne Impériale is specially designed for Napoleon III and empress Eugénie. At that time, Guerlain is named as purveyor to the court and is a recognised brand by the high society. The influence of the nobility continues with the classical scent Guerlain Shalimar. Inspired by the passionate love story between an emperor and an Indian princess, Shalimar symbolises, which means ‘temple of love’ in Sanskrit, the promise of eternal love. It is a scent of desire. An other classic from Guerlain is de series Les Legendaries with the bestsellers Guerlain Samsara, Guerlain Mitsouko, Guerlain Idylle and Guerlain Insolence.
  • Specially for women, Guerlain has developed multiple series. Sensual Female scents, such as the Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire, this scent is absolutely essential and irresistible. Mon Guerlain is an ode to a strong, free and sensual femininity inspired by Angelina Jolie. Aqua Allegoria comes with fresh and flowery scents. The main scent of Aqua Allegoria is bergamot and citrus fruit.
  • Guerlain is not only a legend in female fragrances, the French brand also shows its empire in the form of male fragrances. The series L’Homme Ideal is specially developed for men. The ideal man is a myth, but his smell has become reality with L’Homme Ideal. You could choose from multiple fragrances such as Guerlain L’Intense, L’Homme Ideal Eau de Toilette, but also L’Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum and Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Cool. Guerlain Habit Rouge is a creation from 1965 and was the first oriental scent for men in the perfumery. Habit Rouge is a symbol for a man who is charmed by sophistication and is ready for adventure. Next to that, at Beauty Plaza we also have Guerlain Héritage, Guerlain L’Instant and Guerlain Vetiver for men.

Guerlain care products

Guerlain continues its proud experience, renewing vision and involvement in Guerlain Skincare. The skin care products from Guerlain are completely sustainable and transparent. Guerlain has the nature as a source of inspiration since 1828. Similarly with the ground breaking Abeille Royale series. Guerlain skin care products are developed with special technologies to maintain the biodiversity, such as the ‘Bee Respect’ motto.

  • Abeille Royale consists of different skin improving creams, masks and serums.
  • The series Guerlain Skincare Orchidée Impériale uses the power of the lifespan of the orchid for a youthly skin
  • For the best hydration there is the Guerlain Skincare Super Aqua series. The Super Aqua products are developed with the newest skin care technology Aquacomplex Advance.
  • For a silky-soft and deep cleaning of the skin you choose the Beauty Skin Cleaners from Guerlain.
  • With the Guerlain My Supertips series, Guerlain makes the daily care for women easier. You can easily use these products for nice and quick results.

Guerlain make-up

Next to the luxe Guerlain perfume for ladies and the Guerlain perfume for men, you could experience the expertise from Guerlain more in first-class cosmetics and care products. Guerlain is a luxurious and sustainable brand in the field of make-up. With the most natural formulas, Guerlain creates make-up products to nuance the beauty of the woman. Terracotta, the bronzing powder which is a success for 40 years, could be used for a perfect finish. The Parure Gold Foundations or the L’Essentiel series is a perfect way to make your face shine. The product range of lipsticks, eye shadow and mascara are very large. Choose for example for Guerlain Rouge G lipstick or Kiss Kiss for beautiful lips and Mad Eyes mascara for fuller lashes.

Guerlain products at Beauty Plaza

Beauty Plaza has a large variety of Guerlain products. You even buy Guerlain perfume, Guerlain make-up and Guerlain skincare with a discount at Beauty Plaza. If you order on business days before 17.00, your package will be delivered the next day.