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Night cream

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Skintreats Overnight Glow Serum
Gel All Skintypes 30ml
34. 00
Dermo Pure K10 Renovating Skin Care
Cream Impure Skin 40ml
20. 95
17. 80
56. 00
60. 00
51. 00
200. 00
160. 00
Cream Anti-Aging 50ml
82. 75
74. 47
Cream All Skintypes 30ml
71. 95
64. 75
Cream Mature Skin 50ml
43. 95
37. 35
Grown Alchemist
Cream All Skintypes 40ml
104. 00
Grown Alchemist
Cream All Skintypes 40ml
94. 00
Paraben Free
Cream All Skin Types 50ml
44. 30
39. 87
Cream Mature Skin 50ml
55. 60
38. 92
Cream Anti-Ageing/All Skintypes 40ml
47. 00
37. 60
Cream Hyper pigmentation 50ml
38. 50
32. 72
Cream Pigment Spots 38gr
81. 95
65. 56
Paraben Free
Cream Dry/ Mature Skin 50ml
75. 00
67. 50
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Cream Anti-Wrinkle 50ml
35. 90
Paraben Free
Cream All Skintypes 50ml
25. 99
20. 79
167. 54
134. 03
Cream Pigment Spots 50ml
51. 38
35. 96
185. 50
148. 40
33. 00
643. 00
514. 40
Cream Normal/Dry Skin 52ml
16. 95
13. 56

Buy night cream at Beauty Plaza

Beauty Plaza has a large variety of different night creams for all skin types, of popular brands. A night cream can help hydrate the skin, take care and strengthen the skin, which could lead to a glowing and healthy skin. 

Beauty Plaza has a large product range in night creams of different brands such as:

  • Vichy
  • La Roche-Posay
  • Envrion
  • Nuxe
  • Estée Lauder

The top three night creams of Beauty Plaza are:

Wearing a night cream has many different advantages for the skin:

  • It hydrates the skin: The skin can dehydrate while sleeping, mainly when the air in the bedroom is dry. A night cream can help hydrate and soften the skin, which could help making the skin look younger.
  • It can recover and rejuvenate the skin: Some night creams contain antioxidants and other skin recovering ingredients which could help repair the damaged skin and rejuvenate while you are asleep.
  • It can brighten the skin: Some night creams contain ingredients which could reduce the production of melanin and brighten the skin, which could help reduce pigment spots.
  • It could protect the skin: Some night creams contain SPF or other protective ingredients which could protect the skin while sleeping against damage caused by the sun or other external factors.
  • It could strengthen the skin: Some night creams contain peptides and other ingredients which could tone and strengthen the skin, which could help reduce wrinkles and other signs of skin ageing.

Why is night cream important?

Through the day, you expose your skin to damaging external influences. Think about the sun, your makeup or the bacteria’s on your phone. Therefore it is important to give your skin some rest at night and to help recover. You can do this by using a night cream. The night is a period for recovery of your entire body and also your skin. At night, skin cells renew and by using a good night cream, you help your skin in this process in your sleep. Besides that, a night cream helps with keeping the moisture level in balance, so you can glow the next morning and have a fresh skin.

What is the difference between a day and night cream?

This mainly regards the texture of the cream. A night cream is often much fuller and richer and absorbs less quick compared to a day cream. A day cream feels light and absorbs quickly. Moreover, a day cream most of the time contains an SFP to protect your skin against the sun.

Which night cream suits me?

There are many different types of night creams, matched with different skin types and skin needs. Some creams for the night contain antioxidants to protect the skin against damage by free radicals, while other night creams are specially developed to reduce wrinkles. Choose a night cream which matches your skin type and skin needs.

When choosing a night cream you should take the type of your skin into account.

Normal skin

The normal skin can be recognized by the soft structure which is not extra greasy or dry. But a normal skin should also recover at night from all influences of the day. Therefore choose a hydrating cream to get your skin back in balance.

Dry skin

The dry skin is rougher of structure and is more sensitive. This is because the upper skin contains less fats and therefore retains an insufficient amount of moisture. Therefore choose a hydrating cream with nourishing ingredients. A hydrating cream contains ingredients, such as natural oils and hyaluronic acid, which has a moisturising action and strengthens the skin barrier.

Sensitive skin

The sensitive skin is as the name suggests sensitive for external influences and gets irritated. We advise to not use creams with perfume or alcohol in it. These ingredients are tolerated less well by your skin. Therefore choose a hypoallergenic night cream to prevent irritations.

Greasy skin

The greasy skin develops because it produces too much sebum. You recognise such a skin by seeing impurities, such as pimples, acne or blackheads. Therefore use a hydrating cream which slows down the sebum production. When choosing a night cream take a look at the ingredients. With a greasy skin it is often advised to use a cream based on water.

How do you apply night cream?

It is important to apply a night cream in a good way. Always use a small amount and massage the cream softly into the skin, with circular movements. Ensure that the cream is absorbed well by the skin before going to bed.

It is also recommended to apply the night cream on a clean skin. Therefore always first use a cleansing product to cleanse the face and to remove dirt, makeup and excessive sebum. In this way the night cream can be absorbed better by the skin and it can do its job.

Shop your night cream at Beauty Plaza

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Beauty Plaza is the web shop for you skin care products. Do you want more advice about a type of night cream? Then contact our customers service.