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Hair brushes

A good hairbrush is essential for shiny and healthy hair. At Beauty Plaza you will find a wide range of professional hair brushes that detangle and style your hair. We have various types of brushes such as the Tangle Teezer, ceramic brushes, ionic brushes and hot air brushes. Read more


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Detangle Brush Mini Brush
The Wet Brush
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Blow-Styling Half Paddle Hairbrush
Tangle Teezer
Brush 1Set
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Tangle Teezer
Brush 1Set
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Tangle Teezer
Brush 1Set Salsa Red
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Tangle Teezer
Brush 1Set Pink Embrace
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Olivia Garden
Handle BR-MB1PC-H0000 1Set
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Olivia Garden
Brush BR-MB1PC-TH26B 1Set
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Olivia Garden
Brush BR-MB1PC-TH36B 1Set
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Olivia Garden
Brush BR-MB1PC-TH56B 1Set
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Olivia Garden
Brush BR-MB1PC-TH46B 1Set
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Olivia Garden
Brush EH-COV18 1Set
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Olivia Garden
Brush EH-COV44 1Set
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Olivia Garden
Brush EH-COV24 1Set
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Olivia Garden
Brush EH-COV34 1Set
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Olivia Garden
Brush EH-CO 1Set
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Olivia Garden
Brush EH-DET 1Set
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Olivia Garden
Brush STU-MX 1Set
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Brush Ref.DE073 Black 1Set
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Olivia Garden
Kit BR-MB3PC-KIT01 1Set
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Philip B
Brush 1Set
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Which hairbrush should I choose?

It's important to choose a hairbrush that suits your hair type so that you can care for your hair properly. There are many different types of hairbrushes. Here are a few examples:

Ionic hairbrush

This type of hairbrush works (as the name suggests) based on ions and is known for its anti-static properties. The hairbrush releases millions of active ions that tackle frizzy and unruly hair. While brushing, the natural moisture particles that are always present in the air are attracted to the hair by the brush. This makes the hair smooth and radiant. In the Beauty Plaza assortment, you can find an ionic brush, also known as an anti-static brush, from Olivia Garden. Some brushes from this brand are both ionic and ceramic.

Ceramic hairbrush

Ceramic brushes are made of ceramic and therefore become warm during blow-drying. They fall into the category of "thermal" brushes. Because they become warm, the hair dries much faster and stays in shape longer. The hair is immediately tangle-free and feels soft. Ceramic brushes are ideal for creating waves and extra volume. Use this type of hairbrush in combination with the hairdryer and brush the hair from the roots. The larger the brush, the smoother and straighter the hair. The smaller the brush, the more curls and waves the hair will get. In the Beauty Plaza assortment, you can find ceramic brushes from Olivia Garden and Moroccanoil.

Tangle Teezers/detangler hairbrush

The Tangle Teezer is a detangler hairbrush and is particularly suitable for easily brushing out tangles in your hair. These brushes are made of plastic and have a unique design. Your hair is detangled painlessly and feels soft and smooth immediately. This type of brush is especially suitable for thick or stubborn hair. Among others, you can find the original Tangle Teezer in our assortment.

In addition to the brushes mentioned above, you can also find Bristle & Nylon brushes from Mason Pearson in our assortment. These brushes are a unique combination of classic boar bristle and modern nylon bristles. This type of hairbrush is ideal for normal to thick hair.

If you want to know more about different types of hairbrushes, read our blog "Which brush is best for your hair type?".

Tips for using a hairbrush

Untangle your hair first with oil, serum, or a leave-in conditioner. Use a comb with wide teeth for this. Brush your hair only when it is completely dry if possible. Wet hair is much more fragile and susceptible to damage. Always start at the bottom of your hair with your hairbrush to prevent tangles.

Hairbrush quickly delivered to your home

You don't have to wait long to receive your hairbrush from Beauty Plaza. If you place your order on working days before 5:00 PM, we will ship your favorite hairbrush the same day!