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LED/UV lamps

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Lamp Mini USB LED Lamp
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Lamp Ref.61010 18 1Set
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Lamps LED Light 36 Watt
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Lamp 1Set
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Lamp Automatic UV Lamp 4x9 watt
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Lamp Ref.61010 06 1Set
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Lamp Ref.61010 01 1Set
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Lamp 1Set
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UV-Lamp with Fan Ref.61010 05 1Set
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UV Lamp Ref.61010 00 1Set
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Lamp Ref.61010 14 1Set
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Lamp Ref. 1100149 1Set

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Hand & Nail LED/UV Lamps for Nails

Today, every nail stylist uses gel nails. For the perfect application of gel nail polish, you use a UV lamp or LED lamp. These lamps are used to cure the gel nail polish. There are various types of lamps, so what should you pay attention to?


UV Lamps

With a UV lamp, you can dry both natural and gel nails. By emitting UV rays on the nail, the nails dry in just a few minutes. UV lamps are available in different wattages, pay attention to this when making your purchase. Generally, professional nail stylists use UV lamps with a wattage of 36. This means the lamp is equipped with 4 UV tubes of 9 watts each. The wattage of the lamps refers to the amount of energy the lamp consumes and not the strength of the UV lamp.


UV Lamp with Timer

There are UV lamps with a timer. This is very convenient to use, as your client's nails will never be exposed to UV light for too long or too short a time. If the nails are kept under the lamp for too short a time, they will not cure properly and will be weak. If the nails are exposed to the lamp for too long, the color can change, and they can become brittle.


LED Lamps

Previously, professional nail stylists only used UV lamps to cure gel nails. LED lamps emit a higher concentration of UV light and more energy. This makes gel nails dry faster. The energy consumption of LED lamps is lower than that of UV lamps.


What is the difference between a UV and LED lamp?

So, what is the exact difference between UV lamps and LED lamps? The biggest difference is the price. LED lamps are often slightly more expensive but generally last longer than UV lamps. UV lamps need to be replaced every year, while LED lamps almost never do. When you use LED lamps, the curing time is shorter. An LED lamp dries nails in half the time of a UV lamp. LED lamps are also more energy-efficient than UV lamps. CAUTION: Not all gel nail polish is suitable for use with an LED lamp.