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Cheeks Glow-y Gossamer Duo Highlighter
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Face Make-Up Contouring & Strobing Powder Palette
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Discounts up to 35% on aftersun🧴!*

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Discounts up to 35% on aftersun🧴!*

*Discount is valid from 14-07-2024 to 24-07-2024. Discount is included in the price shown.

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Make-up Contouring

Contouring or face sculpting is a way of applying makeup to create shadows on the face, accentuate good points, and shape the face beautifully. Dark colors are used to create shadows, and light colors can be used to highlight certain facial features.

Contouring also involves "blending," which is the process of seamlessly blending different colors together. Blending is easier when using powder makeup. You can use a contouring brush to blend the light into the dark. If you opt for liquid makeup, such as contouring cream, for easy application, it's best to use a specialized complexion sponge. Such a contouring sponge has various angles to apply makeup more precisely.

Get Started with Contouring Yourself

Here are 5 simple steps to achieve a perfectly shaped face through contouring:

1. Start with a good base. Apply a day cream, for example, from Vichy or Estée Lauder. Follow with a primer. Then use a foundation to even out imperfections and blemishes. Looking for foundation? Check out brands like Shiseido or Guerlain.
2. Your face is now prepared for contouring. Begin with the dark color from your palette or liquid makeup to create shadows on the face. Apply it to the temples, under the cheekbones, along the bridge of the nose, and the jawline. For application, it's best to use a contouring brush with firmer bristles.
3. Next, work on the highlighter. Grab a new contouring brush or clean the previous one. Apply the highlighter to the cheekbones, brow bone, the center of the chin, and down the middle of the nose bridge. You can also apply a highlighter under the eyes and in the cupid's bow between the nose and lips. Pixi and Yves Saint Laurent have glowy highlighters in their range.
4. Blend, blend, blend. Now it's time to blend the lines together and with the foundation. Contouring brushes can help soften the dark areas and blend them slightly into the light colors. Then gently blend the light parts.
5. Set the applied makeup with a neutral powder (apply lightly) or a fixing spray.

Contouring Stick

A contouring stick is often highly pigmented. Contouring with a stick allows for precise shading. Don't forget to blend when using a contouring stick, or you may end up with sharp and unnatural lines.

Contour Palette

A contour palette often contains both light and dark contour powders. One advantage of a contour palette is that you have various colors together. Sometimes, a contour palette includes both shiny and matte contour shades. Shiny contouring, also known as a highlighter, gives your skin a radiant glow! A contour palette may also include a light shade for concealing imperfections. Contour palettes often have variations for different skin tones, so make sure to choose the right shades that suit you before purchasing one.

Contouring Cream

Using a contouring cream gives your skin a beautiful and natural glow. When using a contouring cream, choose a shade that is one to two tones lighter than your skin tone. This way, you emphasize the parts of your face that catch the light. With a darker contouring cream, you add depth to your face. Apply the dark contouring cream on the sides of your nose, under your jawline, along your hairline on your forehead, and under your cheekbones. Don't forget to blend the contouring cream! You don't want streaks on your face. You can blend using a contouring brush or a contouring sponge.

Contouring Brushes

Are you starting with contouring? Don't forget to get good contouring brushes! Contouring brushes are essential for blending well, preventing streaks on the face. Contouring brushes ensure that contouring powder or contouring cream mixes evenly with the foundation. In essence, a contouring brush provides a natural effect. Narrow contouring brushes allow for detailed and controlled face shaping.

Buy Contouring Products Online

Looking for contouring products? At Beautyplaza, you'll find a wide range of products for contouring, such as contouring brushes, contouring cream, contouring sticks, or contour palettes. If you order before 5:00 PM on working days, you'll have your contouring products delivered the next day.