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Hair loss

Everyone loses about 50 to 120 hairs a day. New hair is growing all the time, so you do not notice much of the hair loss. But do you still get thinning hair or bald spots? Then it's a case of extreme hair loss. This can have different causes such as stress, drugs, thyroid problems and so on. Fortunately, hair loss can be treated. Usually the hair root is not dead, but is out of order or less active. Read more


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Everybody loses around 50 to 120 hairs per day. This is normal, because new hair is growing all the time. But is your hair thinning or are you getting bald spots? Then there is extreme hair loss. This could have different causes, such as stress, medicines, thyroid problem etc. Luckily it can be treated. Most of the time, the hair root is not dead, but stressed or less active.

Are you still getting thinner hair or one or multiple bald spots? Or do you lose hair in a certain pattern? Then you could have a specific kind of hair loss, also called alopecia.

What are the symptoms of hair loss?

You could also have hair loss without becoming bald. For example during pregnancy you lose a lot of hair, without becoming truly bald. With men, baldness most of the time starts at the crown and the temples.

What are the causes of hair loss?

Hair loss is difficult to trace back, because it could be caused by multiple causes. Whatever the reason is for your hair loss, you would get to know more about it.

1. Hair loss & stress – Hair loss and stress are often connected with each other, with women as well as men. It does not have to be a permanent combi. When you have your stress under control, your hair could grow again. Stress has the consequence that the body gets into a hormonal disbalance. Cortisol is a hormone that is often associated with stress. In that case, too much cortisol is produced, which has consequences physically and mentally. Stress has influence over our entire body.
2. Genetic hair loss – This often occurs with men and is a disorder which is inherited from the family.
3. Hypothyroidism – A lot of Dutch people suffer from hypothyroidism because it is a thyroid disorder. This disorder could lead to hair loss. When your body produces too less thyroid hormones – the hormone is responsible for regulating metabolism, heart beat and mood – there is a case of hypothyroidism, with which the thyroid has a reduced activity.
4. Vitamin shortage – You could have a shortage of Zink or Vitamin B. Zink is responsible for accelerating the regeneration of the skin and hair cells. It generates important enzymatic functions in the body, including hair growth.
5. Alopecia Areata – Is an auto immune disease with which the immune system damaged the hair follicles. More of this later in the article.
6. Excessive Styling – This has to do with a too frequent use of shampoo, styling products and hair colouring.

Other causes which could lead to hair loss are:

Diffuse hair loss – this could be caused by fever, low weight, iron shortage, a birth, thyroid disease, surgery or medicines.
Hair cuts or head covers – For example a too tight knot, braid, hair pin, extensions headscarf or turban

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia areata starts with bald spots on the head and these could expand over the rest of the body. Next to that, the eye brows and lashes could be damaged. There are different degrees in Alopecia Areata/

1. Alopecia Areata – Is local baldness, which could occur everywhere on the body
2. Alopecia Totalis – Mainly the head hair does not grow anymore
3. Alopecia Universalis – No hair grows anymore on the scalp and body.

Always consult your doctor for more advise about Alopecia.

What could you do yourself against hair loss?

There are multiple remedies against hair loss, such as lotions, creams and shampoos. When you are going to style your hair then try putting the blow dryer on the coolest level and minimalize using hair straighteners and curling irons. Protect your hair with a heat protector and try washing it 2 to 3 times per week. Nourish your hair every week with a nourishing hair mask. A mask intrudes deeply into the hair and helps recovering the moist balance effectively.