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Eau de Cologne - Women

Eau de Cologne is a light fragrance with a very low fragrance concentration and contains natural fragrances which ensure positive side effects. It gives a just different fragrance experience than other perfumes and ensure a light nuance to refresh yourself with. The Eau de Cologne could be used in different ways. Beauty Plaza has got different Eau de Cologne perfumes for ladies. Take a look at different brands such as: Roger & Gallet and GuerlainRead more.



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Hammam Eau de Cologne
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Splash Citronné 200ml

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Roger & Gallet
Eau de Cologne 100ml
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The origin of Eau de Cologne

In 1792, Eau de Cologne was sold in Cologne as a health drink, named Kölnisch Wasser. It was sold for large, but also small health problems. It could be drunk in different ways. One drank it pure, the other mixed it with wine or water. A few years later it was decided to no longer sell the water as a medicine, but as a refreshing water for the spirit, the soul and the body.

Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum

When looking at the three fragrance variants, Eau de Cologne is on the bottom of the list with the lowest concentration of fragrance components. Eau de Cologne is therefore seen as a refreshment during for example a long journey, sporting or an intensive day. It could also be used to clean your hands or to refresh your handkerchief.

Eau de Toilette has got between the 10 to 20% of fragrance components and has an airy scent. This fragrance also does not stay the entire day and you should spray again in-between to smell good the entire day.

Eau de parfum has got 20 to 40% of fragrance components and therefore is the strongest of all variants. This means that your Eau de Parfum scents well the entire day and that you only have to apply a few drops of this.

Did you know that?

  • Eau de Cologne is made in 1709 in Cologne?
  • The original name was Kölnisch Wasser?
  • This fragrance has a fragrance concentration of only 3-8%?

Buying Eau de Cologne at Beauty Plaza

Whether you're looking for a subtle citrus scent, summery florals, or a more spicy and refined option, at Beauty Plaza, we have a wide selection to choose from. Order your Eau de Cologne today, and if you order before 5:00 PM, you'll have it at your doorstep tomorrow!